From representative study rooms and laboratories, to free tuition fees for students who memorize the Koran

At the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Ternate currently, there are various scholarship assistance for students. The provision of scholarship assistance is essentially to help reduce students' educational costs while pursuing undergraduate (S-1) education.
Perhaps the public of North Maluku does not fully know about the various scholarship assistance at IAIN Ternate. So, it would be good to convey it so that later it becomes important information to know and convey to relatives, who in 2023 choose IAIN Ternate as a place to gain knowledge.
Before I convey the various scholarship assistance at IAIN Ternate, maybe you should also know, IAIN Ternate is currently one of the State Islamic Religious Universities (PTKIN) in the Eastern region of Indonesia, continuing to make important breakthroughs to produce quality graduates for facing the technological world of work.
On several recent occasions, the Chancellor of IAIN Ternate, Prof Dr Radjiman Ismail, M.Pd said that he continues to encourage teaching staff (lecturers) to maximize the lecture support facilities available at IAIN Ternate, in order to provide scientific strengthening for students.
This step was taken, in principle, to build superior human resources (HR) at IAIN Ternate. For this reason, at IAIN Ternate currently, student practice areas (Laboratories) in each faculty are much more complete, as well as representative lecture rooms.
So, based on the availability of study rooms and practice areas, lecturers are asked to maximize their practice after they have carried out lecture activities in the classroom.
As in the Tarbiyah faculty, through the Micro Teaching Laboratory, students are trained optimally, so that in the future the quality can be relied upon, if one day they officially hold a bachelor's degree and serve in various educational institutions in North Maluku, as well as in other provinces.
Apart from that, at the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI), the existence of a practice place which is often referred to as "IAIN Ternate's mini bank" is a representative practice place for students. So, if alumni from FEBI choose to work in the banking sector, they will become ready-to-use workers, because they have been trained optimally through the lecture process in the classroom and in the practice area.
Likewise at the Sharia faculty, which is one of the faculties that produces alumni as Judges, Registrars, Advocates, experts at the KUA, legal consultants and others. Also, it has a very representative practice place, which is often referred to by students as a Moot Court.
Here, students are trained optimally, such as in trials that take place at the court office. Likewise, for students who will later be prepared as Lajnah Falaakiyah staff (determining the direction of Qibla, and rukyat determining the 1st of Ramadan, etc.)
Meanwhile for students at the Ushuluddin, Adab and Da'wah (FUAD) faculty it is also the same, the place of practice is also very representative. Like Islamic Broadcasting Communication (KPI) students, they can now easily carry out practice to hone their skills.
Because, this study program essentially has job prospects in the fields of Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Speaking, Radio and TV Broadcast Producer. So, the lecture support facilities really get the full attention of the Chancellor of IAIN Ternate and the Dean, as well as the lecturers.
Meanwhile in the other two study programs at FUAD, such as the Al-Quran and Tafsir Science study program, this study program has graduates who in my opinion are superior human resources in the field of Islamic religion. The reason is, apart from the Dean, they are experts in Tafsir used by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) North Maluku, as chairman of the Fatwa Council.
Quite a lot of IAT study program students memorize the Al-Quran and Hadith. Even IAT study program students often represent a number of regions in Tahfiz Quran competitions. And, for me, they are the front guard who will educate the people of North Maluku in the religious field, because they have quite promising competencies.
Likewise with the History of Islamic Civilization (SPI) study program, this study program, apart from being prepared as educators, is also a researcher in the field of history and religion. Which is always maximized in the lecture and research process by the lecturers at the Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab and Da'wah (FUAD).

For IAIN Ternate, there is a number of scholarship assistance for students, including the Indonesian Smart-College Card (KIP-K) scholarship, Bank Indonesia (BI) Scholarship, Morotai Regional Government Scholarship, Tahfiz Scholarship and Transmigration Scholarship.
For the Morotai Regional Government scholarship, this is a policy from the Morotai Regional Government which helps relieve b