Invite Students to Fight Narcotics, This is the Message from the Chancellor of IAIN Ternate

TERNATE – Welcoming International Anti-Drug Day (HANI) on 26 June 2024, the Chancellor of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Ternate, North Maluku, Prof Dr Radjiman Ismail, M.Pd invited students to stay away from the use and abuse of narcotics.
He considers narcotics to be illicit goods which are very detrimental to their users, because they have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. For this reason, according to him, students as the nation's next generation of young people must stay away from these illegal drugs.
"On the occasion of International Anti-Drug Day, let's remind each other together, so that the younger generation stays away from drug use, because consuming these haram goods can damage them physically and mentally," said Prof Radjiman, Tuesday (25/6/2026).
Radjiman explained that the use of narcotics not only has a negative impact on health, but, he said, affects social life where users are often involved in unlawful actions that harm the family's good name.
Apart from that, according to him, the use of narcotics by the younger generation is also killing the future, because it results in failure in education. So, he invited IAIN Ternate students to share the spirit of fighting narcotics in order to welcome a better future.
"If you want to achieve a good future, you must avoid illegal drugs, and always carry the spirit of loving science," he said.
Radjiman said, to combat the circulation of narcotics in North Maluku, apart from the important role played by the police and the North Maluku National Narcotics Agency (BNN), there must be a role for all elements of society, especially students at each university, by continuing to educate the next generation. young people are protected from these haram goods.
He emphasized that for IAIN Ternate, every student is projected to become a superior generation in the future. Therefore, students have been repeatedly reminded to stay away from illegal drugs, as well as actions that harm the good name of universities.
"Thank God, so far there have been no serious cases related to illegal drugs involving IAIN Ternate students, because at all times we continue to provide education and encourage them to avoid using illegal drugs and criminal acts," he concluded.